We tried to email people that we knew from the Performing Arts department to take take the role of being a presenter. However they could make the dates that we needed. We asked a couple of people from our Media Class, if they were interested, however they were all busy with their own Pro Experience work.

When it came down to it, we didn’t really have much time left, we needed to sort it out straight away, so I decided to take the roles of being the presenter.  Even though I’ve presented only twice, it was still experience and at the end of the day that was useful for our TV Show. This is myself presenting for a Flash Mob which took place in Coventry.


Now I had to do research on Presenting, to see if I could learn and get some tips on the role I had to portray. Now keeping in mind that it was a science TV Show, so I looked at examples from Art Attack and Brainiac.

This clip from Youtube helped me with little tips for presenting, such body language and the tone of your voice etc. I thought that watching a few clips, I can learn and pick up the little things that they say and do to help me.