Once we’d shot our TV Show, I thought that it would be a good Idea to get a bit of feedback from it, instead of using people from my class I decided to ask a few friends and see what they thought:

Reggie: “Yeah, I thought it was really good man, just speak a bit clearer next time, you sound a abit like you talk to fast.”

Pete: Well good man!

John: Nice stuff man, I think that the white background wroked quite well for you, is it meant to be in a lab?

Nic: HAHA didn’t know you were a scientist. I thought it was all right a little bit to short though.

Abi: When the camera moves in at the start, it looked a bit unnecessary, apart from that everything looked ok, I like the cut away shots to the objects.

From all the feedback I learned from it and thought about how I can do better next time, it was also really useful