I decided that for the next few days I’d work with Photography as I have never really used the camera’s as much.

I did looked at the Media Loan Shop and saw that they had the Canon 450D’s and decided to rent one of them out and use it in the holidays. So i made my way to London were I lived and decided to take a few pictures and test my skills. I knew that I had to do some research on the type of camera I was going to use and I decided that I needed a certain location to take picture in. So when I went to London I decided to take picture in my home town of Crystal Palace, as it has an interesting history behind it.

Research on Crystal Palace Park

The Crystal Palace was a huge palace made of crystal glass in 1851. It was a palace which caught fire and was burnt down in 1936. Ever since the unfortunate incident the park has been cleaned up and has built an Area, use for athletes training for the Olympics, a maze, ponds, and variety of dinosaur models which are located by the ponds, which used to be displayed in the Palace as part of a tourist attraction years ago.

The famous Crystal Palace stairs that used to lead up to the Palace still remains even though the Crystal Palace was burnt down. There are a couple of stairs and statues still around to this day, which are the remains of the building.