I thought that this is a good way to work on my skills. I didn’t manage to get as much pictures as I wanted as I didn’t have much time in London. However the main aim of the project was that I worked on focusing of a camera and why focusing is important in Photography, I felt that I learned more by myself because I didn’t have pressure and just went with the flow, and if there was anything I didn’t know, I just played around with the settings and learned from it.

Focusing a camera –

There is something called a shutter button which you press down slightly until you see a little red flash, which is called a focal point. Some camera’s have more than one focal point. I learned that the the Canon 400D has nine focal points. The more focal points you have the more accurate you can focus on an object or a detail with in the fame of your shot.

White Balancing –

This is something that I have come across with the Z1, 5 and JVC Cameras. You are telling the camera what is white, so you zoom into something white e.g. a white piece of paper or wall and adjust the colour until you are satisfied, if you don’t then the white colour will be unbalanced. This wasn’t so much as something new I learned but just something that I improved on.