As I look back on using Z1, Z5 and then the JVC cameras, I look at it as a learning experience when I first arrived at Coventry University i felt very intimidated by cameras as I never worked with cameras so big. In a couple of years I was able to work with three different cameras and now I’m at a stage where I can elevate my skills and move to the next level.

I always heard about 5D cameras here and there but didn’t think it was much of a big deal because at the time I was learning how to master a JVC camera, and that’s something that I was looking forward to ever since I was a kid. However I used to hear people talk about 5D cameras and how they are the next step up, how they are very good quality cameras. So while shooting in Wimbledon, a colleague was using a 5D camera, so I asked him if I could take a look and I was blown away! The quality of the camera made we speechless. From then on I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.


Even though the quality of the camera is great there is a downside to the camera. It lacks with audio quality. I remember working with 3rd students last year. I was a presenter for a table tennis show. They bought out the 5D camera but had to rely on clip on mikes to get better audio, once you start filming you can’t change your audio setting as it will interfere with the sound. . Also the battery only lasts an hour with these cameras and tends to overheat rapidly and the cameras are very pricey, they can cost up to £2,000.


As its a much smaller camera, most of the features on the menu are easy to access. With this size you can take the camera pretty much anywhere and it doesn’t take up alot of space. You can shoot in the highest quality (1080p). You have a wider selection of lenses to choose from with a 5D camera.

Why I am excited to use a 5D camera

In the workshop, we learned about different types of shots, such as establishing shots: for example a long shot of two people talking. A dirty over the shoulder shot: When you can see behind somebody’s back and head, and the opposite person they are speaking too, e.g In friends when phoebe is talking to her sister.

As I’ve seen a lot of different shots on TV this excites me start exploring myself and  see what I can come up with and how I can be creatives to shoot the best shots from my upcoming projects.