I have a list full of I ideas for my Final Major Project that I had in mind and narrowed it down to three:

1) Documentary about my life as a Student – I will be talking about the change from college to Uni, going from London to Coventry, why i chose this Uni, and what I want to achieve and how it has changed me as a person, and my future.

2) Wrestling Documentary – Talking about my upcoming wrestling show, I will document my preparation for the match, training eating, characteristics, a look backstage in the locker room. The before, during and after the match content. I will talk about how I felt about the show in general. My thoughts, my tag team partners thoughts and my opponents thoughts.

3) A short film: A short film about a student who never shows emotions, he a bored angry unemployed bum. He doesn’t have any close friends and has just heard about how his mum has passed away. He find that when he is asleep he communicates with his mum and has a unique bond. throughout the film you notice his emotions become genuine and real.