I was trying to think of which places I could shoot my artifacts. So the best thing to do is to split each artifact up:

Power: Initial Idea is to film in my room, however I’m not sure if i want to act in my own artifact. So I have a couple of people in mind to act in it. I may have to think of asking actors from Performing Arts department.

The loaction will just be in a bedroom and maybe the front room, and the outside of the house. This way the person can wake up, run downstairs and then run outside. I want this power artifact to be filming in daylight ofcourse, however no later that midday, as it may not look like it has been shot in the morning which will ruin the narrative.

Spectacle: I would most like to film both in and outside. Possible locations would be on my road, or in city centre, however I don’t want to have alot of people in the shot as I want to portray emotion from the chracter about being lonley. I was thinking about having the shots quick and can fade to the next shot. Some shots I would like to have a little longer for example the close ups.

Memory: I was thinking that since I would feature in the memory artifact, I would talk about my first day at uni and talk about life as a student. I will shoot the interview as normal on a 5D camera, and will have footage to cut to and can go back anf forth from the interview. I was also thinking about not even having the footage from the interview and just using the audio and having cutaways and footage over. I thought of filming myself around the uni and using equipment. The cutaways shots, I could use the images and take photos from outside the uni or Ellen Terry