I feel very confident but a little bit nervous. I don’t have lot of experience using these cameras, however it is a challenge. If I get stuck or have any kind of problems I could always ask for help of other students or lecturers. I think that the shots I want to shoot on this camera will come out really well. This might take longer as I reckon I will make mistakes, but that what this module is about, making mistakes and learning.

I have been using the cameras to work on focusing, as this was something which I have problems with last year. I have plenty more time to experiment with this camera and hope that good things come with this experience.

I am awake that I will have to use tripods, maybe dolly tracks and other equipment from the Uni loan shop to help me film, and keep the camera steady and create the best shots. I have been looking at some other peoples rough cuts and what feedback they have been given and tried to take it on board with me to learn from and develop.