Power: The power of mind. The idea I have in mind is about how we think as humas and the desisions we make according to how our conscience works. We use our conscience in everyday life. The location woudl be in my student house, in my room. I would feature in it. The narratuive is about me been woken up by my alarm in the morning and then, using split screen, divide the shot into two and on one screen show myself going back to bed and on the other side me getting out of bed to go to uni. Thats the initial idea for now, and this way I can gets some feedback from people & still have time to add more to the narrative.

Specticle: I was thinking about using an emotion to portray a specticle. I thought I’d show the specticle of lonliness. I would shoot scenes that showed emotions of mine or possibliy another actor. I had ideas of using close ups of the face and even extreme close ups.

Memory: This artifact I actually have some interesting ideas. I thought of interviewing smoebody, trying to avoid students, about a memory that stand out in their mind. Now I thought it through and it could be a happy or sad memory. I think that it is interesting that to include either footage over the audio or /and cutaways.