Looking back on what I have produced in the past, I think that now it was time to take a different direction in the type of work that I produce. Instead of just producing the same type of work, it was vital that this time I should stay focused in my work. One of the most important things about producing the artefacts was the context of it, in other words the meaning. It was important to me that I should portray these with no only the acting, but the editing as well. I wanted each artefact to have a meaning to it, rather than just be a clip that was shot in the quickest amount of time in order to get something completed on time.

With the meaning of each artefact, I wanted them to really relate to the audience, this was important to me. When I was planning out the narrative for each artefact, I was thinking about how realism would be portrayed in the shots. That way if there is a lot of realism in my artefacts, the audience can relate to it and it would make it mean so much more. I decided to break it down to explain the context of each artefact;

Power: This piece of work was about the power of mind. It shows how I wake up in one side of the screen and on the other side of the split screen; it shows me going back to bed. The meaning of this artefact is to show how conscience plays with our minds every day. We use our conscience to decide what the next move is or the right decision to make.



Spectacle: This was the spectacle of emotions at first, however I decided to be more accurate and show the emotion of loneliness. The thought of being alone, and to zone out from the world. I think that this wasn’t the best final cut of the artefact; however I think that it more or less portrayed what I wanted it to. Maybe I should have done rough cuts and got feedback on it, instead of rushing it. Either way, it gets the meaning across, with the facial expression I show and the locations I chose, for example, outside with the dark streets that I had to film in. This related to the mood that I was in playing that character.



Memory: I used footage, but forgot to get some cutaway shots to help show the context the memory artefact. This memory piece is about the memory of the first day or Uni and the life I’ve had since. However I turned it into a short documentary.