Now where do I start? I think that there is a long list of things to improve on, and things I could have done to help improve my work. Not only have I learned so much from this module, but it has really given me a wakeup call. Now, I think that to a degree this happens every year, however it is important to learn and know where you’ve gone wrong.

The pitches that we presented, I wish that I had conducted more research to really sell my idea to everyone in the lecture. I think that the research was very important and while I was doing it, I felt that I understood that it helped give me an understanding of what I can and need to produce in terms of skills and expanding them. I learned that if they weren’t. While pitching I learned that when I watched other people’s pitches, that some people, just like me, didn’t truly believe in their ideas, and just produced anything to get ahead of time and hand it in. Instead I should have made storyboards, printed or blogged more research and actually spend decent time in the library to help me do so.

The biggest lesson I learned was organisation, and now I know that its common sense to organise yourself, but sometimes we forget because we are so wrapped up in just getting the work completed on time. Sometimes I found myself a bit lost and lazy. This all relates to be organised. I felt that if I produced my own timetable, I could plan out when I need to shoot, and who with. Whereas when I shot it was not in advance and very poorly set up.

When it came to using the 5D cameras, it was interesting. Thankfully we attended Bex’s workshops and not only did this help expand our knowledge, but it also helped gain access to the 5D till the end of our degree. We were asked to make a 1minute show reel. I remember not be bothered to even attempt it, however when I realised tat if we didn’t upload a show reel, then we would not be able to gain access to 5D cameras, and I needed the camera to shoot my artefacts.

So with that being said, there were a lot of tasks outside the module, from other modules and workshops, which helped prepare us for using cameras and learning new skills for example colour correcting, I learned that with other task, instead of ignoring them, I should get on with them and take them more seriously because you never know how helpful they will be later on in the process.