The one thing that I’ve learned over throughout this module is to plan. I think that this is something that I have kind of ignored in the past. To be honest sometimes I can’t be bothered to plan, because I just want to get the work done. So there are many faults that I have that I’ve learnt from. However it’s not just this module, its University in general that I need to plan with my work. It’s stupid mistakes like this which now I realise I need to take control and get completed.

Looking through my work I didn’t realise how many improvement could have been made. I was actually quite unhappy with how many things I could have added to improve my work.

Marking out the points where I could have got some improvement was beneficial because it had now motivated me to achieve even better with my work. I found that I need to plan out my work. The artefacts I produced should have had rough cuts as well, this way I could show the rough cuts and get some feedback from other students or in fact the lecturers.

Looking at the shooting and location: I think that my locations where very boring and not unique. I found that I didn’t put thought into the location shots or what I used to help me shoot my artefacts. I remember in the lecturer we were told that we can even ask lecturers to help us shoot with us, and for some reason I didn’t think of that.

However I learned a lot during the process of making my artefacts. I found that ideas for extra or better shots came to mind. I always find that you could maybe think one thing, and then shot something completely different when shooting. I guess you never know sometimes, and it’s really interesting how sometimes your shooting doesn’t always go according to plan. So as I went along I took extra time to shoot shots which were not planned, for example the shot of the close up of my hand when I was writing in the ‘Memory’ spectacle. I thought it was good way to start off. It was little things like this which I learned from the producing the artefacts that can improve my work.