I found the preparation for shooting the artefacts more beneficial. In the past, I’ve made more mistakes. What really inspired me to be as creative as I could be with the artefacts was just from everyday life. Leaning about Power, Memory and spectacle helped me to think of ideas of how I want to construct each artefact. To think about what happens in life with, power, spectacle and memory are important elements in it. Reality in life helped create ideas to gather ideas around each spectacle.

Power: Reflecting in real life about how people use power was interesting. I remember looking back at one of my favourite film: Butterfly Effect, featuring Ashton Kutcher. The power that this man holds from being in a prison cell was just unique. This was all controlled by his mind. Now, I wanted to replicate this and make it my own. To make it more unique I decided to maybe use conscience in it as well and relate it to a student. To show the conscience of a mind of a student, from the time they wake up, and then decided to carry on with their day and make it to Uni or college. The reason for using a Uni student and to create the narrative around was to make it personal and more interesting for me to make.

Spectacle: I wanted to talk about the spectacle of emotions. Trying to find example helped as I would need an example to follow and to change it into my own. Thinking to back to how everyday life how we feel lonely. From this thought, the decision was made to make the emotion more accurate. I received feedback from others and they said that it was an interesting idea, and to make sure that, the meaning of loneliness would be portrayed through the shots and edits, as well as the acting.

Memory: My original Idea was to interview people and find out what their favourite memory was and make it cut back and forth with different people. In the end the idea was changed to me talking about my memory of the first day of Uni, and how the life of a student changed from College and moved forward to a degree at University.