The was probably the most important tasks to prepare myself for the three artefacts as it gave me an example and understanding of what was expected. The interesting thing about research was that I could do as much as I wanted and on whatever I wanted, that could help me relate to power, spectacle and memory. Once again I split them up to make it easier.

Power: The research I conducted for power was with film and Television. I was trying to think of what I could research to help me develop an idea for this artefact. I thought of film first and looked at two films that could relate to power and the idea I had which would be the power of mind. I firstly looked at ‘Hannibal’ and decided that this was a different direction to go with mind, but I wanted to see if watching Anthony Hopkins portray this mastermind role of Hannibal Lector, could maybe give me an example of characteristics. Anything, from body language, to facial expressions, even behind the camera, for example the shots used to enhance his character, even extreme close ups. The film butterfly effect also came to mind, that film was more helpful in terms of thinking and using your mind. Ashton Kutchers character had to think before making certain decisions.

Spectacle: Even though spectacle is an event, I wanted to produce something a bit different. I felt that most people in the class chose event for spectacle, whereas spectacle, you can make it personal and create the artefact into whatever you want it to be. For example: the spectacle of life, love, trust, emotions. So I looked at an episode of Friends and found an example, however the episode was too long to show on my blog, luckily I found a short clip and it was the exact one I was looking for here it is.

With this clip it helped open different ideas in my head; so that way when I produce the work, I can do different things like slow the footage down or include music in the background.

Memory: I picked a recommended film by my housemate called Memento. This was encouraged by the lecture we had on memory conducted by Mez, Karen and Pete. I only just watched this film a year ago, so luckily I knew what they were talking about, otherwise I would have waited for ages to be bothered to watch it. This film helped me look in another direction for memory. This film is about a guy who lost his memory and has to note everything back down as he goes along, the twist was the best, but I can’t give that away to you! When the main character is looking for clues to what had happened in the past, he gets flash backs, and this gave me an idea to maybe used flashback as they would fit with the artefact and make it more interesting.