My Idea for my Final Major Project is a Documentary on Professional Wrestling. I wrestle at least once a month in Coventry and try to keep in contact with other Wrestling around the country.

As i thought of ways to structure my documentary, a few ideas came to mind. The initial Idea of my documentary was to have myself talk to the camera about my documentary and how I will be filming before, during and after the match. I would have filmed the build up to the match, also introducing my opponents and talking about the upcoming match. The plan was to film us planning the match, and then shoot the match itself and then, show the after match, where we’d be talking about how we did, what might have gone wrong and how we could improve. i’d also conduct an interview with my trainer and other colleagues giving their feedback on our match. The last shot would show my refection. I was thinking of adding other features to my documentary for example: the preparation

the second idea:

I wanted this idea to introduce and define the Art of Wrestling. Showing a little bit of footage of myself wrestling. However concentrate more on the wrestling aspect and what wrestlers go through and how the work together to put on a great performers. I will show the communication in the ring at the same time. I will conduct separate interviews with the wrestlers involved in my match before and after, also the communication and atmosphere backstage and how we construct a match.