The research that I conducted for my FMP was interesting. I looked at different ways of how to go about my documentary, if you look at my post of my Ideas, you can see that I had more than one.

When I think of my target audience, I think of the British Wrestling fans. I think of what they watch. I decided that since wrestling is a Sport & Entertainment, that it would help if I looked at examples from both.

Here is a clip

The clip shown was a documentary trailer of the boxing match between Floyd Maywether and Ricky Hatton. I watched the whole documentary and the thing I liked the most about it was the style. If you look at the way they constructed the documentary : they introduced each boxer, talked about upcoming boxing match, interviews with their peers, the training they went through and then the fight itself.

Here is another example I looked at which is a wrestling documentary about the lifestyle of wrestling on the road, it was produced by a former WWF Wrestler Bret Hart called ‘Wrestling with Shadows’

I really liked the way this trailer was edited. When I watched the final edit, in 2002 I was really intrigued by the way that this documentary took a different direction with the wrestling business. It takes the audience backstage and shows them. It talkes about the struggle that he goes through in wrestling.

When I looked at both documentaries I was now started to think of how I wanted to construct my Documentary. I think that I want to take parts from both of them. Here is my structure of my FMP Documentary:

Intro – introducing the documentary

Gear – Going ring gear I will be wearing for our characters.

Training – Shots at the gym/Cooking

Before Match – Discussion with opponents.

The match itself

After match – Thoughts and feedback.


I decided that from my rough cuts that using Final Cut Pro is not convenient. I found that Adobe Premier Pro. It was a lot easier to access. I can use it at home to edit and I found tutorials online to help me edit. this was all part of a learning process and now I am glad that I have looked into editing in a different manor. I found that there was more effects I could use for my edit.

Screen shot 2013-01-17 at 19.31.37