In terms of distribution, I think that this is an exciting aspect of the module. I simply am looking forward to this as I have a lot of connections in the Wrestling and Media Industry.

I wrestle in Coventry and keep in contact with some of the more popular promotions Where i am from in London and around kent. in holidays I usually go back to London and take a look at some wrestling schools and I have been in talks with FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance), IPW:UK – (International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom), and various other promotions. A lot of wrestling promotions are connected to WrestleTalk TV which airs on Challenge TV, Sundays at 11pm. Now this is great because I have an aim to publicise this documentary on live TV!

However I have to look at this realistically and go to all these British Wrestling promotions and while I wrestle for these companies, I can help my self with promoting my product. I can do that through my character in the ring.

I have been emailing Management from Frontier Wrestling Alliance and have had talks with them about possibly introducing my Documentary and advertising it in the company. I also talked the company about aiming to get this on TV on Wrestle Talk TV.

Here is my Final Major Project Presentation: