So I ‘ve come up with the idea of my Documentary about wrestling. Now the title of the documentary is ‘The Art of Wrestling’. Before I even start organizing my shots, equipment etc, I need to have a schedule planned. I have the shots I need designed in my story boards.

I started looking at examples of other documentaries to help with my visuals. I also thought about how my documentary will be shown to my audience, originally I was looking at 20mins for the length. However I thought that people would eventually loose interest after a while. It made me think about when I watch other peoples work and how long I’d want to sit and watch their documentaries or films for.

At this point I decided to make my Wrestling Documentary called ‘The Art of Wrestling’ 5minutes long. That way I can keep it short and effective. I looked at work that I’ve produced in the passed as the feedback I received from other students were that they like my work but felt that it dragged on and became uninterested after the first couple of minutes. Therefore I need shorter and frequent scenes.