THE art of wrestling – 1st draft

1ST Scene {Walking back though curtain, end of match}

(Narration) “And just like that, we’ve told a story, its like and artist who’s finished a portrait with great detail”.

(Fades to black)

(Camera sound effect)

Fades to picture of myself as child

“I always had this dream to make it as a wrestler.”

(Fades to photo of me in wrestling gear)

“When I was 17, that dream became a reality.”

2ND Scene – HOME

(At home in the kitchen with my Mum)

(Narration) “This is my home in London. That’s my Mum, she’s always been the backbone to me my entire life. Always supporting me. I know deep inside that she thinks I can’t make it as a wrestler some day, with huge ladder to climb and education in the way, however it has not changed the way she encourages me as a supporting mother to achieve my dreams.”


(Long shot of me in wrestling ring, in dark lighting, with narration)

“Preparing for my upcoming wrestling match, probably my last match in Coventry before I graduate and go back to London. I want it to be safe and spectacular. This means respecting the Art of Wrestling.”

4TH SCENE – At wrestling school

Long shot of me Mat Wrestling. Cut to close up to my arms.


“The people I train with here, is practice, for perfection and safety. The more practice I get here the better m performance is in the ring.”



“What is the Art of wrestling? The art of Wrestling is making it look like your almost killing someone, but intact your only making minimum contact.