In terms of preparing for the production of my Documentary, I knew that it was vitally important to be constantly studying other types of Documentaries other than Wrestling, I also watched a various selection of films from different genres to help me. This was important because I needed look at scenes with lighting being effective, camera shots, different angles and things of that nature. Here are example’s which inspired me:

The Butterfly Effect:

This scene was the last scene of the film and the way the lighting was used from the room behbutterfly e 2ind Ashton Kutcher looks effective and shows that lighting doesn’t have to be right in front of the people involved in the scenes.

In my Documentary I will look for something similar to this shot, with myself in the ring with an opponent. I want to use this as an example to when I come to shoot my documentary.

CM Punk – ‘Best in the World (Documentary):

punkbehind8This shot right here! This is what I am looking to replicate in my Documentary. The lighting, the attire with his jacket, in the ring and the way he is positioned. I’ve also watched this documentary and found it very useful. It takes a different direction compared to other wrestling documentaries. It’s a more in depth and personal documentary and really honest about the wrestling business. This is an approach which I’d like to take aswell. I’ve learned that the dark lighting shots are not just to make the documentary look pretty but to relate to the mood of the scene(s).

Randy Orton ‘Evolution of The Predator’

This a Film Documentary about the hectic life of current WWE Superstar Randy Orton. This Documentary shows the negative and positive things about Randy. The reason why I chose to study this documentary is because

‘Yesterdays Losers’ by Jak Uddin