942648_10152795606280526_912745233_nThe Location I decided to use was called Holbrooks Community Centre, in Coventry not too far from the Richo Arena. This location is where Training takes place every Sunday at Pheonix Wrestling Association (PWA).

This is the wrestling promotion I have been wrestling for and I been given permission by the owner of the wrestling ring, to use for filming my documentary. This is a picture of the wrestling ring that I will be shooting with.

This is what is called an Octogan Ring. Its a modified version of a usual 20×20 Wrestling Ring which you’d be familiar with in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), previously known as WWF(World Wrestling Federation. The ring usually get set up by the ring crew and I’ve wrestled in this ring a million times, and can confirm that it is indeed safe. I will be filming inside the ring as well as outside of it and on the apron. I also plan to set up the dolly tracks in their aswell for shots such as reflection and point of view shots. The ring is slightly patted so there maybe difficult to get a clean shot with the tracks, however I will have to try test shoots.

I hope to use the whole ring as I want to make the most of it, shots against the ropes, in the corners, on the mat, outside the ring and on the apron.  Here is an example I was looking at :tQ9xWKIFvAI_maxresdefault