Preparing for this Documentary phisically demanded alot of dedication from myself. I had to make sure that I was on top with my work and make sure that my Documentary was carefully monitored. One of the most important factors were training and changing up my diet for this role. I keep a pretty balanced diet as it is, however this is something that I knew would be important to for my Documentary. I wanted people to take this seriously and for that to happen, I had to make sure that I had to look after my body and take it seriously myself.

healthy-living1I didn’t create a crazy diet like some actors or athletes do. I know what my body needs and made sure I was taking in lots of fruit and vegetables aswell as, high Protein and low Carbahydrates. I continued to use the facilities at ‘Future Fitness’ Gym on Fargosford Street, in Coventry. I researched into different types of training and diets and dicided that I would take in small amount of food frequently, consuming five meals a day. Here was my diet plan:

Meal 1:

> Bowl of Bran Flakes, Porridge, Weetabix or Shredded Wheat, Protein Shake (1 serving)

Meal 2:

> Any kind of Fruit, Omlet (1 whole Egg, 2 Egg Whites

Meal 3: A Chicken Breast, or Chicken steak, or Tuna Steak, Whole Wheat Pasta, Veg or Salad

Meal 4: Protein Shake (2 Servings)

Meal 5: Chargrilled Chicken Slices, Mexican Spicey Rice, Baby Potatos, Salad or Veg


Breakfast: Bagels (Prefrebly Whole Meal), Crossiants, Whole Meal Toast, Sausages (Grilled), Scrabeled Eggprotein-shake

Snacks: Protein Bars, Lucozade Sport, Pepsi (Diet/Max), Powerade

Other Foods: Chicken Wings, Steak, Burgers (Grilled), Kebabs (Grilled), Bacon (Grilled), Potato Wedges (Oven Cooked)