Lighting is something which I weanted to focus on in my Documentary. The idea I had in mind was to use dark lighting with shots of myself in the wrestling ring. This scene will be more of a reflection. A reflection of my feelings about going into this match, and not really sure if you can be as confident as you can and putting your trust in your opponent.I was looking at examples from a couple of my favourite films. The first one is ‘American Beauty’.  Starring Kevin Spacey. This film was an inspiration for me because it really helped me understand the mood with in the scene and character.

2000_iconic_american_beauty_spacey_suvariIf you look at the position of both characters, it looks as if the lighting is set up behind the woman, to reflect on Kevin Spacey. Another suggestion could be lighting set up just outside the set, preferably through a window with blinds, as you can faintly see a couple rays of dark shade shoot across Kevin Spacey’s face on his left hand side. I always found it very interesting how the slightest addition of lighting can give life to a scene, and doesn’t need so much dialogue. This is something which I would love to incorporate in my Documentary. I think it is a matter of figuring out where is best for the lighting to stand and how long the dialogue will be or if there is any.

It will be interesting to look at my sences with out lighting and see what kind of effect they will have after. The one thing I think I need to remember is that, not every scene need lighting. Maybe you can work with the natural light that you may have. Also whether you need to use Dedo Lights or Redhead Lights. Dedo light are lighter and give a dimmer effect, where as Redhead lights are larger and give a cooler effect.