Here are a couple of designs for the Posters. I took images from matches I’d wrestled in. At first I wanted to use my own face on the front cover and and have an outline of my face (with not too much detail) and have the title ‘Wrestling with Shadows’ underneath. Here is one of my 1st designs:POSTER

As you can see the design look very plain on the right hand side. I wasn’t too sure of what to put there, however I did want it to fade out but ended up looking quite plain. The feedback I got for poster design was: ‘POSTER FEEDBACK – Get rid of the face, no titles ? no consistency, make it simpler and loose the word art.’Taking that into consideration I decided to use one of the images from my wrestling matches and use a suitable font, remove the face and to make it look simple. Here is the final Poster design.

POSTER_2As you can see I colour corrected the image and made it darker, I used a different font to make it look like a real movie poster, and posted who stared in the documentary. To be honest I was in the middle of shooting the Documentary so wat the time I didnt shoot the scene with lighting that I wanted, to use as the Image which would appearn on the poster. I thought it looked horrible and boring, it didnt give people a reason to want to watch it.

If I had a chance to re-edit the poster, I think that I would have to use the Photography room, in the Ellen Terry building and have a shot of myself in my wrestling attire, using lighting to portray a darker meaning to the documentary.