I made sure that I booked the Equipment I needed in advance as everyone else were booking cameras.

1 5D Camera
Manfratto Tripod with wheels
Dolly Tracks
Shoulder Mount
4 set Dedo Lights
3 set Redhead Lights
Filter Sheets

The Cameras will be used to get different angles around the ring and inside the ring for closer shots of myself. The Tripod on Dolly Tracks will be used to pan across the ring from outside and then thought of the idea of doing the same but inside the ring, if I can get a nice smooth shot, depending on the surface of the ring. The shoulder mount will be used to get a shot in the ring, as a 1st person shot or me walking around in the ring that way the camera doesn’t move too much. The Dedo Lights will be positioned around the ring, depending on where I am positioned; they will be either in front of me or on my left hand side. The Redhead lights will be slightly modified in terms of how close they will be positioned as they are very bright with 800watts. So common sense tell me that I don’t need them too close to me which is what I will inform my crew of. Filter sheets help add a darker or lighter effect. This is helpful as the lights can only dim down to a certain amount. These sheets come in all different types of colours, however I only really need to use the darker colours and play around with the different types of filter and see how they reflect on myself and the how it is effected by the other lights surrounding the ring.