The date of the shoot was 17th April at Holbrook’s Community hall. This was it, the most important scene of my Documentary. I had different Ideas for my shots. The plan was to arrive at the venue, and the ring would be set up for us already as there was a training session going on. By the end of the session we could use the ring for as long as we wanted to. The first thing we did was set up the lighting, to give us an idea of what the shots would look like. Here are some the examples I was looking at and these images inspired me to create similar shots. CM-Punk-Best-in-the-world-behind-the-scenes-wwe-31608152-642-361-500x281

Shots inside the ring were defiantly considered. The fact that the ring was available for me to use was great. I made sure those shots inside the ring were shot multiple time so I could choose through the best one.

The first shot I got was when I was kneeling down in the corner facing the camera. This shot was instantly my favourite shot. It was something so simple that didn’t involve any kind of dialogue to make it really mean something. I was happy with this as I didn’t complicate anything and kept a visual and created it. 264401_10151473903529332_1823005068_nDue to the wrestling ring being six sided, we decided to use the dolly tracks and create a nice clear shot. I thought that the dolly tracks were a great idea; I knew that it would be a hassle bringing them to the car and then setting them up, however it was worth it! I couldn’t imagine trying to use a shoulder mount and having my crew walk round the ring with the 5D attached to it. We ended up using the dolly tracks in the ring. Now because of the surface of the ring, it was hard to get a smooth shot. 283610_10151473928749332_2110000345_nThe Wrestling ring is supported by strong steel, above that is 3 inches of wooden boards, and then some foam padding. Now we had a few test shoots to see how it would come out and it seemed to work quite well. I had a few shots of me inside the ring, walking, running across the ring from rope to rope, sitting, kneeling or standing in the corners. I just knew exactly what types of shots I wanted. Here are some of the pictures which were taken.431924_10151473904699332_2072114834_n417787_10151473917174332_1100015419_n