There were many inspirations for my work, while producing the documentary, I always hoped to create something from previous documentaries and make it my own. Here you can see certain comparisons or inspirations and how they can relates to each other. These images from other documentaries really motivated me not only with lighting but with positioning with a character, and how it can help you shot look more effective.
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I didn’t set up my camera or lighting to create the same image, I just needed an outline or example from lighting used in wrestling, and the props involved like the wrestling ring. I thought the lighting was good; however it wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted to go for a darker effect in the background and really make it meaningful and which can relate to the documentary. I think that the colour correction can only do so much for your effect, and then you have to just use what you have. However is was a great learning experience for me and it’s always good to learn so much even though it seemed annoying making the mistakes, it was worth it.