This is the edited Trailer I produced. The room we shot the documentary in wasn’t as dark as I hoped. The blind were pulled down and we tried to cover up as much as we could. I thought that the shoot went really well, The shots in these were great, we were limited for time and only had it available for about an hour and a half after we’d set everything up. I found that some of the shots looked a lot lighter than others, so I colour corrected most of the shots to give it a warmer effect. I felt that if I had a chance to do it again, I would have bought in sheets or cardboard cut outs to help block out light coming through the side of the closed blinds and doors.

I also hoped that next time; I could’ve had another one with the same shots and tried narration over it. Maybe I could have had some photos imported in to the clip, and tried a completely different direction on editing my documentary. However I was very happy with the end product.