236A2098I wanted to use the Radio Studio to record a narration over the documentary. I thought that this would be a great idea as the studio generates good sound due to the material inside the room and microphone. This was my initial idea, and then wanted to be more creative. I wanted to use something to show footage in the background, but avoid using cutaways as people will be using them already. I wanted to produce something which I’m 99.9% sure that none of my other colleagues have thought of let alone produce.

Another reason why I wanted to use the green screen was because I’ve been a fan of them ever since I’ve seen them on DVDs or in other documentaries. I wasn’t too keen on cutaways every 10 seconds; I wanted to do something slightly unique. I wasn’t too sure of how to use green screen so I researched tutorials online and ask colleagues in my class for help.

I thought it was so fasinating that first of all no one has produced something like that in our year and the fact that tutorials were very helpful. It didnt take me long at all to work out how to use footage and edit it in the greeen screen. This has given me a very big inspiration for the future.