Working on my Final Project helped me to network and talk to different people in the Wrestling business and I decided to visit these Promotions which I kept in contact with. A promotion I used to wrestle for is called:

IPW: UK (International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom)

Owner: Daniel Edler

Photographer: Sarah Barracloughipwwrestling

It was great to get into contact with them; I was able to wrestle a couple of times and was given rights to images from their website. I didn’t manage to operate any cameras, however I was given the chance to work with them after my degree is out the way.

Joanne Quang


Photographer, studied at Canterbury University

Joanne and I did a shoot in Crystal Palace Park, in South London a month ago; here is some of her work:


Progress Wrestling

Waiting to hear from them in the near future. A well-known wrestling company where I can gain experience with wrestling and help producing the show from a Media Standpoint.

I hope to keep incontact with these connections, as I think that it will be a great opportunity for me to gain some expeirence and creat a portfolio.