I was not doing well for time, so editing the documentary was very stressful. I think that the edit was probably one of the worse pieces of work which I’ve ever produced, and I thought that if I managed my time well enough, that I could have produced something a lot better. I had a slight problem. The direction of my documentary went out of control, the reason for this was many reasons, I think that I over complicated my idea. If I remember correctly I must have pitched my idea about three times and given three different pitches about what my documentary was about.

Initially my documentary was about myself having doubts about wrestling someone he doesn’t completely trust the opponent he is going in the ring with. Another Idea I had was to shoot the wrestling match. However the footage from the match got corrupted and I couldn’t believe it! The main focus of the documentary was to show the highlights of the match with my narration as part of a reflection over it and I couldn’t even show 10 seconds of it. So I was very disappointed with what I produced. I know that I could have produced something simpler and more effective.

I would be lying if I said that I was organised. I think I almost ahad a panic attack! I think that time mangement was something that I ignored. I was so caught up in panicing about my FMP that I forgot about a simple production for my schedule. What I should have done was talked to a tutor from my department and asked for feedback on the work that I have produced so far. I didn’t make use of the 5Ds as much as I should have, I felt that i was producing a projectr, where as I should have just gone out their and create things for myself and gain knowledge and experience. I also forgot to book a camera out for taking picture at the shoot, I think having a Photographer is extrmely important, as I need proff of my work and in good quality. Unfortunatly I forgot and asked someone on the shoot to take picture on their phone.still

I learned that to produce something with good quality, you need to carefully pan out what you need to do. I didn’t organise a Facebook group for my film crew. If I had at least I wouldn’t have to text everyone individually, I could just make a group to inform people and receive people’s availability straight away. I could have organised enough crew members so that if people couldn’t make it I was covered and had extra people helping. I think if I had another chance to produce this documentary, I would have kept it simple and shot the lead up to the wrestling match, introduce my opponent and shoot backstage communication, during the match and then after, with my own reflection. I thought that this was an unhappy way to end my University career; however this is a great wake up call for entering the real world. Now I felt that now the course has come to an end, I am frustrated with the mistakes I’ve made but that has only lit a fire and really boosted my motivation for the industry and how to become a great Media Producer.417787_10151473917174332_1100015419_n