Now that I am starting to approach the final stage in my Degree, I have worked on the idea of creating a Professional Portfolio. The three years spent in the Media Production Course has been very challenging and rewarding because I was able to work on different aspects of the course, producing films, TV shows, Documentaries, and others projects. With in these tasks I was able to be creative and innovative with my work.

I know that at this stage, I feel proud. I have worked very hard amongst other Students with in my course to produced the best and most professional work that we possibly can. This next step towards the future is vitally important and that drove me to put as much effort into producing a Portfolio. This portfolio has really prepared myself for the next step into the Media Industry, it has helped me look beyond what I am capable of achieving. I feel that preparing a portfolio has made me realise that I am finishing this chapter as a Student and starting a new one as a young independent Adult  who is ready to learn, make mistakes and capitalize on them.

Here I have produced my Website Portfolio via Here I was able to perfect my presentation of the work which I am most proud of. This is important because the work that I showcase on my Portfolio will be looked at be many Companies which I have applied for and the other which I plan to in the near future.

Here is a link to my Wix website: