Approaching my final stage in my Degree, I now have a clear mind of what field I’d like to go into in the Media Industry. I feel that there are many aspect that I would be interested and confident that I could carry on a career from.  If I could pick something that I would love to go into for a Career choice with in the Industry, one of them would be Teaching.

One of the reason’s why I would love to pursue this is because, more than anything, I would love to help Students. The age range would be 16-20 year olds, College Students. The reason why I chose College Students are many reasons:

1) The support from Tutors

I felt that during my time in College this was a very vital stage in my life as I was going through Adult hood, and starting to grow up and start a dream in University, which would help give me a bright future with the University Course I chose. Some tutors were helpful and very motivating for boosting my confidence in myself to become something in the Media Industry. Whereas other Tutors were not so helpful. Both these reason are a motivation because I know what it is like to be in that stage before starting University and needing the 100% support from the teachers that you look up to. I learnt from the negatives and positives from the teaching at College

2) Passion to help Students

I have been in Education since I was 3years old. I have been studying Media for the last six years. I have many years of experience and knowledge for the Media Industry. After every piece of research, every Blog post, production shoot, broadcast, video edit, audio edit and every essay, I have learnt so much through out the years. I have failed many times which gives me that education, to be wiser, smarter, and more aware the next time round, which has made me keep going and not giving up.

I know that I have that determination to prove people wrong in life. As a teacher, I can help motivate people when they doubt themselves. And why? Because I have been there! I can give them the best advice from experience and really give them that positive attitude that they need. In my world there is no quite. Now this is what I would like to pass on to people and help them to endure.

Researching Goldsmiths University of London, I was able to have a clearer thought about what kind of teaching  I would like to get into. I surfed the website looking for the correct teaching training course which I would like to go into. I clicked on links and read through the courses before applying. This was something that I am very passionate about, so applying wasn’t something which I to apply(