Broadcasting has been one of the road I would like to have gone down. I always thought that I have a good voice for Radio. Whenever I have a conversation with some one, or at work when I interact with customers, I have a very good way of speaking, and listening.not sam twittere I think that for Radio you have to be good at socializing, this can positively effect the tone of your voice, as it increases your confident and  therefore you sound clear. I have listened to the Radio that Sam Roberts produces through Youtube. He has interviewed many famous celebrities, such as: The Jersey Shore Crew, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and many others, through the show he hosts ‘The Opie & Anthony Channel’ on ‘Sirius Radio XM’.

Sam Robert bring humor and a certain unique charm to his presents as a broadcaster and an interviewer. Just by listening to him you get a sense of who he really is as a person. I think that this is very important because this reflects on your work and the personality you show, can help achieve more especially with a smile.

I have used different types of social Media to keep up to date with his work, I discovered his Youtube channel which I subscribed to and follow him on Twitter, and liked his Facebook page. These are great ways for me to find out more information about him and his shows. I felt that looking at his work I learnt alot about: interview techniques, body language, presence, personalty, grammar and how to present yourself as a professional.

Getting in Contact

contact sam

These days I am very grateful for social Media. It is a lot easier to reach out to celebrities, whether you want to know more about them or seek their advice. Now I had the opportunity to write to him from his website, I thought this would be the more appropriate thing to do especially as I am learning to become a professional.

Here is what I wrote to him:

Hi Sam Robert,

My name is Adam D’Souza. I am at my final stage of University, a future Graduate in Media Production. I am a huge fan of your work and would appreciate it if you could contact me about future Broadcasting as that is one of my passions in the Industry.

Here is a link to my Youtube Channel: , I would like to include Broadcast as I haven’t had the chance to go in depth with it. I have a hunger to learn as much as I can. If you have any feedback for me I’d appreciate it, if you think I have any potential to work with you in the near future, could you please get in contact with me via:

Facebook: Adam D’Souza
Twitter: @adamskidsouza


Adam D’Souza