I wanted to take advantage of the culture these days. I needed another way to connect with different contact in the Media Industry. I had tried email, contacting on their websites, however I didn’t really take on the opportunity of Social Media interaction as I should have.social media

Twitter is becoming more and more popular every week, it is interesting how you can easily make contact with a celebrity. You can use the ‘@’ symbol to tag them in a sentence, and that’s an automatic connection, as you have directly written to them.The best thing about Twitter is the amount of contact you can find. If somebody tweets about someone else, that could introduce you to different people by checking on your home page.film school

I used Twitter for this very module to research and find Media connections. This is a more formal way of doing so, online you have a chance to rapidly connect, with in a tweet you could send out a link to your work for example. First of all I wanted to research and explore what was out there.

By following these two Companies, it has already motivated me to reach out and apply for companies and to make it in the Media Industry. With this social interaction I can also respond to them and show them my portfolio and my work as a student. I think that this is a positive step for me in the future of the Industry.