This is my updated version of my CV. This CV, in my opinion, has progress and improved with the three years I have spent studying at University with in the course. I sent the CV, to a number of people who I know in the Media Industry who have just graduated and they have given me feedback and advice about how I can improve and produce a more professional approach.


Artist Statement

Here is my Artist Statement:

I have been Studying Media for the last six and a half years. I studied a BTEC Diploma in College and a University Degree in Coventry with Media. What interests me the most about Media is the different elements with in the Industry? There is many parts you can look into such as: Radio, TV, Film, Directing, Editing and so on. This gave me a wide range of opportunities when I began my first year at University and enjoyed the challenge ever since.

​I am a very driven person. After years in education especially studying Media, I have gained a great sense of independence as a Professional. What I bring to a working environment is: Confidence, Commitment, Positive attitude, and a great work ethic. I have every confidence that I can continue to produce the best work possible in the industry.