Networking is one of the easiest ways of making connections with people in the Media Industry. Funnily enough, I actually I went home to London, and on my way I bumped into a familiar face. His name was Adam Farrington. He was a Media Student in Canterbury University studying Film. I met him through my friend Russell, my colleague from College on a social night out.adam farrington web

As myself and Adam started talking about our future, we complemented each others work before online. I’d always been a fan of is work, however, I’d always been to busy in University to meet up with him. I talked to him about my passion for the industry and how I would love to really wanted to get my foot in the door, so to speak, and he offered me a chance to help him along with is own production, so I took it up straight away, we exchanged numbers and I gave him my availability and he gave me his card, which I could get in contact with and check out his website with his latest work.

I was given his business card for future references:

adam farrington cardI was very excited to work with Adam. He was studying Media at Reohampton University in London. The fact that I get a chance to work with someone who I’ve never worked with before is a great opportunity for me, especially at this stage. He produces a lot of Freelance work and that is exactly what I need right now, experience and practice. I can also learn many things from him as he has been in the Media Industry for over a year. My aim is to learn as much as I can from him, and to produce the best quality of work that I possibly can and to be original.

I decided to use Social Media to get into contact with him via Twitter, as I figured that it would be more of a personal approach to him which he won’t ignore. This was a great thing to take advantage of, I knew Adam personally, I just wasn’t friends with him.adam farrington twitter I’d met him a few time and always mentioned that I would like to get involved with his work to help and learn from, and he always gave me that wish. It was just a matter of making sure I contact him as soon as I had the time, so that is exactly what I did.