Green Screening

236A2098I wanted to use the Radio Studio to record a narration over the documentary. I thought that this would be a great idea as the studio generates good sound due to the material inside the room and microphone. This was my initial idea, and then wanted to be more creative. I wanted to use something to show footage in the background, but avoid using cutaways as people will be using them already. I wanted to produce something which I’m 99.9% sure that none of my other colleagues have thought of let alone produce.

Another reason why I wanted to use the green screen was because I’ve been a fan of them ever since I’ve seen them on DVDs or in other documentaries. I wasn’t too keen on cutaways every 10 seconds; I wanted to do something slightly unique. I wasn’t too sure of how to use green screen so I researched tutorials online and ask colleagues in my class for help.

I thought it was so fasinating that first of all no one has produced something like that in our year and the fact that tutorials were very helpful. It didnt take me long at all to work out how to use footage and edit it in the greeen screen. This has given me a very big inspiration for the future.

Edit and Trailer

This is the edited Trailer I produced. The room we shot the documentary in wasn’t as dark as I hoped. The blind were pulled down and we tried to cover up as much as we could. I thought that the shoot went really well, The shots in these were great, we were limited for time and only had it available for about an hour and a half after we’d set everything up. I found that some of the shots looked a lot lighter than others, so I colour corrected most of the shots to give it a warmer effect. I felt that if I had a chance to do it again, I would have bought in sheets or cardboard cut outs to help block out light coming through the side of the closed blinds and doors.

I also hoped that next time; I could’ve had another one with the same shots and tried narration over it. Maybe I could have had some photos imported in to the clip, and tried a completely different direction on editing my documentary. However I was very happy with the end product.

Shot for Shot

There were many inspirations for my work, while producing the documentary, I always hoped to create something from previous documentaries and make it my own. Here you can see certain comparisons or inspirations and how they can relates to each other. These images from other documentaries really motivated me not only with lighting but with positioning with a character, and how it can help you shot look more effective.
tQ9xWKIFvAI_maxresdefault 971730_10151473925954332_449530156_n


I didn’t set up my camera or lighting to create the same image, I just needed an outline or example from lighting used in wrestling, and the props involved like the wrestling ring. I thought the lighting was good; however it wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted to go for a darker effect in the background and really make it meaningful and which can relate to the documentary. I think that the colour correction can only do so much for your effect, and then you have to just use what you have. However is was a great learning experience for me and it’s always good to learn so much even though it seemed annoying making the mistakes, it was worth it.


The date of the shoot was 17th April at Holbrook’s Community hall. This was it, the most important scene of my Documentary. I had different Ideas for my shots. The plan was to arrive at the venue, and the ring would be set up for us already as there was a training session going on. By the end of the session we could use the ring for as long as we wanted to. The first thing we did was set up the lighting, to give us an idea of what the shots would look like. Here are some the examples I was looking at and these images inspired me to create similar shots. CM-Punk-Best-in-the-world-behind-the-scenes-wwe-31608152-642-361-500x281

Shots inside the ring were defiantly considered. The fact that the ring was available for me to use was great. I made sure those shots inside the ring were shot multiple time so I could choose through the best one.

The first shot I got was when I was kneeling down in the corner facing the camera. This shot was instantly my favourite shot. It was something so simple that didn’t involve any kind of dialogue to make it really mean something. I was happy with this as I didn’t complicate anything and kept a visual and created it. 264401_10151473903529332_1823005068_nDue to the wrestling ring being six sided, we decided to use the dolly tracks and create a nice clear shot. I thought that the dolly tracks were a great idea; I knew that it would be a hassle bringing them to the car and then setting them up, however it was worth it! I couldn’t imagine trying to use a shoulder mount and having my crew walk round the ring with the 5D attached to it. We ended up using the dolly tracks in the ring. Now because of the surface of the ring, it was hard to get a smooth shot. 283610_10151473928749332_2110000345_nThe Wrestling ring is supported by strong steel, above that is 3 inches of wooden boards, and then some foam padding. Now we had a few test shoots to see how it would come out and it seemed to work quite well. I had a few shots of me inside the ring, walking, running across the ring from rope to rope, sitting, kneeling or standing in the corners. I just knew exactly what types of shots I wanted. Here are some of the pictures which were taken.431924_10151473904699332_2072114834_n417787_10151473917174332_1100015419_n

Equipment Booked

I made sure that I booked the Equipment I needed in advance as everyone else were booking cameras.

1 5D Camera
Manfratto Tripod with wheels
Dolly Tracks
Shoulder Mount
4 set Dedo Lights
3 set Redhead Lights
Filter Sheets

The Cameras will be used to get different angles around the ring and inside the ring for closer shots of myself. The Tripod on Dolly Tracks will be used to pan across the ring from outside and then thought of the idea of doing the same but inside the ring, if I can get a nice smooth shot, depending on the surface of the ring. The shoulder mount will be used to get a shot in the ring, as a 1st person shot or me walking around in the ring that way the camera doesn’t move too much. The Dedo Lights will be positioned around the ring, depending on where I am positioned; they will be either in front of me or on my left hand side. The Redhead lights will be slightly modified in terms of how close they will be positioned as they are very bright with 800watts. So common sense tell me that I don’t need them too close to me which is what I will inform my crew of. Filter sheets help add a darker or lighter effect. This is helpful as the lights can only dim down to a certain amount. These sheets come in all different types of colours, however I only really need to use the darker colours and play around with the different types of filter and see how they reflect on myself and the how it is effected by the other lights surrounding the ring.


Here are a couple of designs for the Posters. I took images from matches I’d wrestled in. At first I wanted to use my own face on the front cover and and have an outline of my face (with not too much detail) and have the title ‘Wrestling with Shadows’ underneath. Here is one of my 1st designs:POSTER

As you can see the design look very plain on the right hand side. I wasn’t too sure of what to put there, however I did want it to fade out but ended up looking quite plain. The feedback I got for poster design was: ‘POSTER FEEDBACK – Get rid of the face, no titles ? no consistency, make it simpler and loose the word art.’Taking that into consideration I decided to use one of the images from my wrestling matches and use a suitable font, remove the face and to make it look simple. Here is the final Poster design.

POSTER_2As you can see I colour corrected the image and made it darker, I used a different font to make it look like a real movie poster, and posted who stared in the documentary. To be honest I was in the middle of shooting the Documentary so wat the time I didnt shoot the scene with lighting that I wanted, to use as the Image which would appearn on the poster. I thought it looked horrible and boring, it didnt give people a reason to want to watch it.

If I had a chance to re-edit the poster, I think that I would have to use the Photography room, in the Ellen Terry building and have a shot of myself in my wrestling attire, using lighting to portray a darker meaning to the documentary.


Lighting is something which I weanted to focus on in my Documentary. The idea I had in mind was to use dark lighting with shots of myself in the wrestling ring. This scene will be more of a reflection. A reflection of my feelings about going into this match, and not really sure if you can be as confident as you can and putting your trust in your opponent.I was looking at examples from a couple of my favourite films. The first one is ‘American Beauty’.  Starring Kevin Spacey. This film was an inspiration for me because it really helped me understand the mood with in the scene and character.

2000_iconic_american_beauty_spacey_suvariIf you look at the position of both characters, it looks as if the lighting is set up behind the woman, to reflect on Kevin Spacey. Another suggestion could be lighting set up just outside the set, preferably through a window with blinds, as you can faintly see a couple rays of dark shade shoot across Kevin Spacey’s face on his left hand side. I always found it very interesting how the slightest addition of lighting can give life to a scene, and doesn’t need so much dialogue. This is something which I would love to incorporate in my Documentary. I think it is a matter of figuring out where is best for the lighting to stand and how long the dialogue will be or if there is any.

It will be interesting to look at my sences with out lighting and see what kind of effect they will have after. The one thing I think I need to remember is that, not every scene need lighting. Maybe you can work with the natural light that you may have. Also whether you need to use Dedo Lights or Redhead Lights. Dedo light are lighter and give a dimmer effect, where as Redhead lights are larger and give a cooler effect.