Adam Farrington (Freelance Filmmaker) – 364MC – Professional Practise Portfolio RESIT

Networking is one of the easiest ways of making connections with people in the Media Industry. Funnily enough, I actually I went home to London, and on my way I bumped into a familiar face. His name was Adam Farrington. He was a Media Student in Canterbury University studying Film. I met him through my friend Russell, my colleague from College on a social night out.adam farrington web

As myself and Adam started talking about our future, we complemented each others work before online. I’d always been a fan of is work, however, I’d always been to busy in University to meet up with him. I talked to him about my passion for the industry and how I would love to really wanted to get my foot in the door, so to speak, and he offered me a chance to help him along with is own production, so I took it up straight away, we exchanged numbers and I gave him my availability and he gave me his card, which I could get in contact with and check out his website with his latest work.

I was given his business card for future references:

adam farrington cardI was very excited to work with Adam. He was studying Media at Reohampton University in London. The fact that I get a chance to work with someone who I’ve never worked with before is a great opportunity for me, especially at this stage. He produces a lot of Freelance work and that is exactly what I need right now, experience and practice. I can also learn many things from him as he has been in the Media Industry for over a year. My aim is to learn as much as I can from him, and to produce the best quality of work that I possibly can and to be original.

I decided to use Social Media to get into contact with him via Twitter, as I figured that it would be more of a personal approach to him which he won’t ignore. This was a great thing to take advantage of, I knew Adam personally, I just wasn’t friends with him.adam farrington twitter I’d met him a few time and always mentioned that I would like to get involved with his work to help and learn from, and he always gave me that wish. It was just a matter of making sure I contact him as soon as I had the time, so that is exactly what I did.


My CV & Artist Staement – Professional Practise Portfolio – 364mc – RESIT

This is my updated version of my CV. This CV, in my opinion, has progress and improved with the three years I have spent studying at University with in the course. I sent the CV, to a number of people who I know in the Media Industry who have just graduated and they have given me feedback and advice about how I can improve and produce a more professional approach.


Artist Statement

Here is my Artist Statement:

I have been Studying Media for the last six and a half years. I studied a BTEC Diploma in College and a University Degree in Coventry with Media. What interests me the most about Media is the different elements with in the Industry? There is many parts you can look into such as: Radio, TV, Film, Directing, Editing and so on. This gave me a wide range of opportunities when I began my first year at University and enjoyed the challenge ever since.

​I am a very driven person. After years in education especially studying Media, I have gained a great sense of independence as a Professional. What I bring to a working environment is: Confidence, Commitment, Positive attitude, and a great work ethic. I have every confidence that I can continue to produce the best work possible in the industry.

Networking 2 – Peter Rosenberg – 364mc – Professional Practise Portfolio – RESIT

Peter Rosenberg is another Professional Broadcaster, however he has become more involved with other projects around the Media Industry. He is also the host of ‘Hot 97 Host/DJ’, Host of ‘Hip Hop Squares on MTV 2’, and a  Pro Wrestling Enthusiast. I first discovered Peter during research for my Final Major Project involving Professional Wrestling. It was there when I had discovered his Youtube Channel ( He interviews many Celebrities such as: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Hulk Hogan and many more.rosenberg_052313_620px

I looked at a lot of Peter Rosenberg’s work and was very impressed. The one thing that I really like about his work as a Professional is the way he conducts himself. I noticed that it is very clever of him to promote his DJ role as the host of ‘Hot 97’, a Host of ‘Hip Hop Squares’ on MTV 2 and his interest and ability to interview Professional Wrestlers. The great thing about this is that he brings in a wide range of audiences to his work. Hip Hop fans who are familiar to his work, Wrestling fan, and others can all be introduced to each others work. He doesn’t just have one target audience which as a Student wanting to get into the Industry, I learnt straight away about marketing yourself and your product. So this is what I admire most about him.

As I searched his website and found a section where I could get in contact with him via email, to find out whether he will be in the UK any time soon, and to receive feedback form him on my wix Portfolio.rosenberg email

Here’s what I emailed Peter Rosenberg:



My name is Adam D’Souza. I am currently a Student approaching the last stage of my University Degree in the UK. I am 22 years old and have been studying Media for the last six and a half years. I have been a fan of yours since 2010, when I discovered you on YouTube conducting interviews with Wrestlers and other Celebrities. 


I would really appreciate it if you could take a look at my portfolio: (, and possibly contact me if you have any advice or feedback. I was also curious of when you may be coming to the UK, as it would be great meet you and hopefully contribute to any work that I possibly can. I am very confident in my own ability in the Media Industry, I feel that I have a great knowledge for studying Media for several years and have learn through many mistakes in the past. More importantly I have the potential to become better and am very much willing to learn.


Thank You. Yours Sincerely  


Adam D’Souza


I decided to use Professionals in the Media Industry to my full advantage, by asking for feedback from somebody who has been a professional for over seven years, this can easily help me at the stage I am currently at now. If I can take that feedback and work on my portfolio and take on his advice, then it would A) save me alot of time and B) Give me that boost early on in my career. I am still awaiting his reply, and hope that with the two questions I asked, I’d at least get one answer.

Social Media – 364mc – Professional Practise Portfolio – RESIT

I wanted to take advantage of the culture these days. I needed another way to connect with different contact in the Media Industry. I had tried email, contacting on their websites, however I didn’t really take on the opportunity of Social Media interaction as I should media

Twitter is becoming more and more popular every week, it is interesting how you can easily make contact with a celebrity. You can use the ‘@’ symbol to tag them in a sentence, and that’s an automatic connection, as you have directly written to them.The best thing about Twitter is the amount of contact you can find. If somebody tweets about someone else, that could introduce you to different people by checking on your home school

I used Twitter for this very module to research and find Media connections. This is a more formal way of doing so, online you have a chance to rapidly connect, with in a tweet you could send out a link to your work for example. First of all I wanted to research and explore what was out there.

By following these two Companies, it has already motivated me to reach out and apply for companies and to make it in the Media Industry. With this social interaction I can also respond to them and show them my portfolio and my work as a student. I think that this is a positive step for me in the future of the Industry.

Networking- Sam Roberts (Professional Broadcaster) – 364 Professional Practise Portfolio – RESIT

Broadcasting has been one of the road I would like to have gone down. I always thought that I have a good voice for Radio. Whenever I have a conversation with some one, or at work when I interact with customers, I have a very good way of speaking, and listening.not sam twittere I think that for Radio you have to be good at socializing, this can positively effect the tone of your voice, as it increases your confident and  therefore you sound clear. I have listened to the Radio that Sam Roberts produces through Youtube. He has interviewed many famous celebrities, such as: The Jersey Shore Crew, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and many others, through the show he hosts ‘The Opie & Anthony Channel’ on ‘Sirius Radio XM’.

Sam Robert bring humor and a certain unique charm to his presents as a broadcaster and an interviewer. Just by listening to him you get a sense of who he really is as a person. I think that this is very important because this reflects on your work and the personality you show, can help achieve more especially with a smile.

I have used different types of social Media to keep up to date with his work, I discovered his Youtube channel which I subscribed to and follow him on Twitter, and liked his Facebook page. These are great ways for me to find out more information about him and his shows. I felt that looking at his work I learnt alot about: interview techniques, body language, presence, personalty, grammar and how to present yourself as a professional.

Getting in Contact

contact sam

These days I am very grateful for social Media. It is a lot easier to reach out to celebrities, whether you want to know more about them or seek their advice. Now I had the opportunity to write to him from his website, I thought this would be the more appropriate thing to do especially as I am learning to become a professional.

Here is what I wrote to him:

Hi Sam Robert,

My name is Adam D’Souza. I am at my final stage of University, a future Graduate in Media Production. I am a huge fan of your work and would appreciate it if you could contact me about future Broadcasting as that is one of my passions in the Industry.

Here is a link to my Youtube Channel: , I would like to include Broadcast as I haven’t had the chance to go in depth with it. I have a hunger to learn as much as I can. If you have any feedback for me I’d appreciate it, if you think I have any potential to work with you in the near future, could you please get in contact with me via:

Facebook: Adam D’Souza
Twitter: @adamskidsouza


Adam D’Souza

Research 1(PGSE Course) – 364mc – Professional Practise Portfolio – RESIT

Approaching my final stage in my Degree, I now have a clear mind of what field I’d like to go into in the Media Industry. I feel that there are many aspect that I would be interested and confident that I could carry on a career from.  If I could pick something that I would love to go into for a Career choice with in the Industry, one of them would be Teaching.

One of the reason’s why I would love to pursue this is because, more than anything, I would love to help Students. The age range would be 16-20 year olds, College Students. The reason why I chose College Students are many reasons:

1) The support from Tutors

I felt that during my time in College this was a very vital stage in my life as I was going through Adult hood, and starting to grow up and start a dream in University, which would help give me a bright future with the University Course I chose. Some tutors were helpful and very motivating for boosting my confidence in myself to become something in the Media Industry. Whereas other Tutors were not so helpful. Both these reason are a motivation because I know what it is like to be in that stage before starting University and needing the 100% support from the teachers that you look up to. I learnt from the negatives and positives from the teaching at College

2) Passion to help Students

I have been in Education since I was 3years old. I have been studying Media for the last six years. I have many years of experience and knowledge for the Media Industry. After every piece of research, every Blog post, production shoot, broadcast, video edit, audio edit and every essay, I have learnt so much through out the years. I have failed many times which gives me that education, to be wiser, smarter, and more aware the next time round, which has made me keep going and not giving up.

I know that I have that determination to prove people wrong in life. As a teacher, I can help motivate people when they doubt themselves. And why? Because I have been there! I can give them the best advice from experience and really give them that positive attitude that they need. In my world there is no quite. Now this is what I would like to pass on to people and help them to endure.

Researching Goldsmiths University of London, I was able to have a clearer thought about what kind of teaching  I would like to get into. I surfed the website looking for the correct teaching training course which I would like to go into. I clicked on links and read through the courses before applying. This was something that I am very passionate about, so applying wasn’t something which I to apply(

MY Portfolio – 364 – Professional Practise Portfolio – RESIT

Now that I am starting to approach the final stage in my Degree, I have worked on the idea of creating a Professional Portfolio. The three years spent in the Media Production Course has been very challenging and rewarding because I was able to work on different aspects of the course, producing films, TV shows, Documentaries, and others projects. With in these tasks I was able to be creative and innovative with my work.

I know that at this stage, I feel proud. I have worked very hard amongst other Students with in my course to produced the best and most professional work that we possibly can. This next step towards the future is vitally important and that drove me to put as much effort into producing a Portfolio. This portfolio has really prepared myself for the next step into the Media Industry, it has helped me look beyond what I am capable of achieving. I feel that preparing a portfolio has made me realise that I am finishing this chapter as a Student and starting a new one as a young independent Adult  who is ready to learn, make mistakes and capitalize on them.

Here I have produced my Website Portfolio via Here I was able to perfect my presentation of the work which I am most proud of. This is important because the work that I showcase on my Portfolio will be looked at be many Companies which I have applied for and the other which I plan to in the near future.

Here is a link to my Wix website:


Working on my Final Project helped me to network and talk to different people in the Wrestling business and I decided to visit these Promotions which I kept in contact with. A promotion I used to wrestle for is called:

IPW: UK (International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom)

Owner: Daniel Edler

Photographer: Sarah Barracloughipwwrestling

It was great to get into contact with them; I was able to wrestle a couple of times and was given rights to images from their website. I didn’t manage to operate any cameras, however I was given the chance to work with them after my degree is out the way.

Joanne Quang


Photographer, studied at Canterbury University

Joanne and I did a shoot in Crystal Palace Park, in South London a month ago; here is some of her work:


Progress Wrestling

Waiting to hear from them in the near future. A well-known wrestling company where I can gain experience with wrestling and help producing the show from a Media Standpoint.

I hope to keep incontact with these connections, as I think that it will be a great opportunity for me to gain some expeirence and creat a portfolio.

Documentary Final Piece /Evaluation

I was not doing well for time, so editing the documentary was very stressful. I think that the edit was probably one of the worse pieces of work which I’ve ever produced, and I thought that if I managed my time well enough, that I could have produced something a lot better. I had a slight problem. The direction of my documentary went out of control, the reason for this was many reasons, I think that I over complicated my idea. If I remember correctly I must have pitched my idea about three times and given three different pitches about what my documentary was about.

Initially my documentary was about myself having doubts about wrestling someone he doesn’t completely trust the opponent he is going in the ring with. Another Idea I had was to shoot the wrestling match. However the footage from the match got corrupted and I couldn’t believe it! The main focus of the documentary was to show the highlights of the match with my narration as part of a reflection over it and I couldn’t even show 10 seconds of it. So I was very disappointed with what I produced. I know that I could have produced something simpler and more effective.

I would be lying if I said that I was organised. I think I almost ahad a panic attack! I think that time mangement was something that I ignored. I was so caught up in panicing about my FMP that I forgot about a simple production for my schedule. What I should have done was talked to a tutor from my department and asked for feedback on the work that I have produced so far. I didn’t make use of the 5Ds as much as I should have, I felt that i was producing a projectr, where as I should have just gone out their and create things for myself and gain knowledge and experience. I also forgot to book a camera out for taking picture at the shoot, I think having a Photographer is extrmely important, as I need proff of my work and in good quality. Unfortunatly I forgot and asked someone on the shoot to take picture on their phone.still

I learned that to produce something with good quality, you need to carefully pan out what you need to do. I didn’t organise a Facebook group for my film crew. If I had at least I wouldn’t have to text everyone individually, I could just make a group to inform people and receive people’s availability straight away. I could have organised enough crew members so that if people couldn’t make it I was covered and had extra people helping. I think if I had another chance to produce this documentary, I would have kept it simple and shot the lead up to the wrestling match, introduce my opponent and shoot backstage communication, during the match and then after, with my own reflection. I thought that this was an unhappy way to end my University career; however this is a great wake up call for entering the real world. Now I felt that now the course has come to an end, I am frustrated with the mistakes I’ve made but that has only lit a fire and really boosted my motivation for the industry and how to become a great Media Producer.417787_10151473917174332_1100015419_n


The DVD Covers were another factor of my production which I knew had to be important. I had two different types of designs’ to choose from. I wanted to make two different types to portray two different meanings, in case I decided to change the direction that my documentary goes. Here are the two DVD covers I designed on photoshop:

dvd coverDVT100 Standard DVD Trapsheet I decided to choose the darker cover, because I wanted to have a depp meaning behined it.I also thought about marketing my product. One of the most important things is presentation and I received feedback from friends and family, saying that they felt drawn in by the darker cover. They said it was good because it didn’t really have any giveaway and made people want to know more about what was being presented to them.